NEC Phone Systems and Manuals

NEC Phone Systems and Manuals


NEC Phone Systems and Manuals

HCWT has been serving NEC phone systems customers since 1984 and we are an authorized NEC Phone System dealer and vendor headquartered in Denver Colorado.  We service NEC Phone systems in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming and across the entire USA depending on your system type and need.  We specialize in voicemail IP integration with large NEC PBX systems and we maintain several of the largest NEC voicemails in the United States.

NEC Phone Systems and Manuals

  • NEC UC Phone Solutions demo
  • NEC UC Solutions for Higher Education
  • NEC-phone-system-SIP-certifications-2012
  • NEC-phone-system-time-change-instructions.pdf
  • nec-phone-unified-communications video
  • NEC Phone Video
  • NEC-phone-dt310-dt330-dt710-dt730-manual.pdf
  • NEC-phone-system-dt310-dt710-manual.pdf
  • NEC-phone-voip-and-digital-description.pdf

NEC Phone Systems – SV8100 (up to 500 stations)

NEC Phone Systems – SV8100 Phone

In today’s highly competitive business environment, effective and reliable communications are critical to the success of your business – communications facilitate rapid decision-making, increase employee productivity and improve customer responsiveness. Implementing the latest NEC Phone Systems Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and comprehensive desktop solutions that deliver superior performance, efficiency, flexibility and reliability when and where you need it, is key to your business’s survival and growth in today’s information-driven business environment.

  • nec-phone-SV8100_Brochure.pdf
  • nec-phone-sv8100-phone system-dt310-dt330-dt710-dt730-user-guide.pdf
  • nec-phone-sv8100_8300-dt700-series-data-maintenance-user-guide.pdf
  • nec-phone-sv8100-phone-system-8-23-24-button-reference-sheet.pdf
  • nec-phone-sv8100-6-button-phone-reference-sheet.pdf
  • nec-phone-sv8100-single-line-telephone-user-guide.pdf
  • nec-phone-sv8100-2-button-phone-referen.pdf
  • nec-phone-sv8100-2-button-phone-reference-sheet.pdf

NEC Phone Systems – SV8300 (up to 1,500 stations)

NEC Phone Systems – SV8300 Phone

The NEC SV8300 phone system communications Server is a powerful enterprise communications solution that is reliable, scalable and energy-efficient. It is an advanced application server that supports voice, uni?ed communications and mobility solutions, and is designed to easily and efficiently sca le to meet the needs of growing businesses. As a member of the SV8000 family of pure IP systems, the SV8300 offers medium-size businesses the latest unified communications, softphone, and while sharing technology while SV8300’s IP and SIP support enables businesses to expand their communications globally.

  • nec-phone-dt310-dt710-user-guide-sv8300.pdf
  • nec-sv8300-phone-system-description.pdf

NEC Phone Systems – UM8700 (Enterprise Voicemail solution)


With NEC Phone Systems UNIVERGE UM8700, a powerful unified communications solution built on Applied Voice and Speech Technologies, Inc.’s (AVST) award winning CallXpress®, businesses and individual users can communicate more efficiently, respond more quickly and cut down on wasted time. NEC Phone Systems UM8700 turns a business’s telephone system into a productivity tool. It delivers a powerful suite of unified communications applications including advanced call processing, voicemail, unified messaging, personal assistant, fax, speech, and notification. These tools have been proven to enhance productivity of both individual users and businesses.

  • Provides powerful unified communications applications
  • Increases efficiency through user and business productivity-enhancing tools
  • Supports mobile and remote workers
  • Integrates seamlessly with current systems and saves money
  • Delivers continuous high availability and disaster recovery maximizing uptime
  • Works on either a distributed, centralized or mixed environment infrastructure
  • Works in a virtualized environment
  • Offers deployment flexibility
  • Scales to fit a growing business’s needs
  • NEC Phone Systems UM8700 Unified Messaging
  • NEC Phone Systems – UM8700 Unified Messaging Specs
  • NEC Phone Systems
  • UM8700 Personal Assistant
  • NEC Phone Systems
  • UM8700 High Availability – Disaster Recovery

NEC Phone Sysetms –  UCB – Unified Communications

NEC’s UC for Business (UCB) is a perfect unified communications (UC) solution for small to medium-sized businesses. This single server solution is designed to optimize your communications through the convergence of communication channels and business processes. It enables your employees to collaborate more effectively across the enterprise and helps to improve their overall productivity.

  • Single server environment enables simplified administration.
  • Rich Presence provides valuable information on people’s whereabouts and availability.
  • Desktop telephony and Microsoft® Office Outlook® integration simplifies call handling and enables users to manage all their communications from their desktop.
  • Sophisticated contact center and operator functionality addresses the unique requirements of these important customer touch points.
  • Third-party integration allows organizations to connect UCB with other business applications easily and cost-effectively.

UCB is supported on all of NEC’s UNIVERGE® SV8000 Series Communications Servers. InUCB for the SV8100 and SV8300 gives you the option of running UCB on an internal server blade that comes already licensed and pre-configured for ease of installation and implementation.

NEC Phone Systems – UCB references

  • nec-ucb-phone-system-console-operator-reference.pdf
  • nec-ucb-phone-system-DeskAgent-reference.pdf
  • nec-ucb-phone-system-DeskSupv-reference.pdf
  • nec-ucb-phone-system-Executive-desktop-insight_User-Mailbox-reference.pdf
  • nec-ucb-phone-system-Executive-Desktop-reference.pdf
  • nec-ucb-phone-system-SV8100-PBX-UCB-programming-guide.pdf
  • nec-ucb-phone-system-SV8300-PBX-UCB-programming-guide.pdf
  • nec-ucb-phone-system-UCB-server-software-installation-guide.pdf
  • nec-ucb-phone-system-UM-for-Exchange2010-install-guide.pdf
  • nec-ucb-phone-system-VM-Phone-reference.pdf

NEC Phone Systems –  Elite IPK (up to 100 stations)

The Electra Elite® IPK II is a versatile manufactured discontinued communication platform, supporting both traditional voice and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on a single processor. It offers the deployment of traditional circuit switched technology, VoIP, or any combination, all from one system. End users have the freedom to adopt VoIP when and where it’s needed, so today’s technology investment is protected tomorrow. The Electra Elite IPK II expands to supports larger and growing businesses. Just one IPK II platform meets numerous line sizes and protects the customer’s original investment. The Elite IPK II CPU is configured for 64 ports; but, growth up to 456 ports is simple with the addition of a single Port Key Upgrade (PKU) chip. The Elite IPK II delivers high-powered features to small businesses, growing businesses and medium sized businesses. Smaller companies get big company features with the Elite IPK II, and growing business simply grow their existing investment. Regardless of whether a business has 8 or 200 employees the IPK II consistently delivers a great system for the small and midsize business (SMB) marketplace. PC Pro and Web Pro allow for online HTML-based programming access either onsite (PC Pro) or over the Internet (Web Pro). Using Web browser software and easy-to-follow wizards, programming time is reduced, error-free and simplified. The intuitive programming interface has a familiar Windows® look allowing users to quickly learn how to administer their site. By building features into the system, cost-effective, scalable and seamless integration is achieved. InMail – A digitally linked in-switch voice mail system that resides in the system’s CPU. The 4-port InMail system provides sophisticated features including Return Call with Caller ID and Answering Machine Emulation for call screening and conversation recording. The IPK II also supports larger port capacity voice mail systems and unified messaging requirements with field proven flash disk application processor solutions. InACD (Automatic Call Distribution) – Permits even distribution of calls among employees and provides initial and repetitive announcements that encourage callers to remain online. Preventing callers from hanging-up reduces lost calls and maximizes employee staffing. If they choose, callers also have the option to leave a message and receive a callback from an agent. A PC-based Supervisor With Reports feature can be used for agent scheduling, business analysis and improved scheduling efficiency.

NEC Phone Systems – Elite IPK resources

  • nec-phone-electra-elite-IPK-features-manual.pdf
  • nec-phone-electra-elite-IPK-II-inmail-user-guide.pdf
  • nec-phone-electra-elite-IPK-programming-manual-r4.pdf