Microsoft 365 + Teams

Microsoft 365 + Teams

In the digital age, Microsoft Office 365 is synonymous with efficient business operations. At High Country Workplace Technologies, we are a top provider in Colorado of integrated workplace technology solutions, and we have the expertise to support your migration to and implementation of MS Office 365 Solutions.

A software suite made for all the ways you work.

Communicate with employees and customers, as well as create, share, and store files securely from the first cloud-first small business platform.

Meet from any location

Initiate meetings with individuals regardless of location and enhance engagement through virtual backgrounds, recordings, transcriptions, and AI-driven summaries.

Chat with anybody, anytime

Efficiently collaborate with individuals both within and outside your organization. Exchange messages, express reactions with emojis, form teams, and plan events—all through a single application.

Do everything from one app

Work on documents collaboratively in real-time and minimize context switching by utilizing Microsoft 365 applications directly within Teams.

Stay secure and productive

Actively mitigate risks while aiding employees in maintaining a seamless workflow. Rest assured with the encryption safeguarding sensitive data across all chats, calls, meetings, and files.

The perfect software suite for any profession.

For Sales Professionals

Sales experts require a constant connection with internal and external stakeholders to proficiently identify opportunities and finalize deals. Microsoft Teams Phone amalgamates communication and collaboration, rendering a streamlined, more integrated experience.

For Education

Microsoft 365 is among the most widely-trusted software suites for education out there. From elementary schools to universities, thousands of institutions trust Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to deliver a reliable, easy-to-use platform the engage in learning.

For Finance Professionals

Finance professionals are tasked with the delicate act of melding collaboration with security, handling sensitive data while liaising with a wide spectrum of internal stakeholders. Microsoft Teams Phone merges communication and collaboration, offering a simplified, secure, and more interconnected experience.

For Customer Facing Information Workers

Customer Interaction Specialists often juggle between back-office tasks, customer engagement, and operational support duties. The ability to handle a diverse range of tasks and projects while roping in the right stakeholders for customer support is crucial. Microsoft Teams Phone encapsulates communication and collaboration in a single app, simplifying interactions.