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Telephone Analytics

Telephone Analytics

Unlock Insights: Harness Telephone Analytics with Brightmetrics for Informed Decisions.

Gain Business Intelligence Through Telephone Analytics with Brightmetrics

Data is key to making sound business decisions. But when it comes to call tracking, it can be difficult to dive deep into the analytics. Often, it’s challenging to access and understand the data that matters most. Allow us to introduce you to Brightmetrics, a Mitel telephone analytics product unlike any other on the market.

High Country Workplace Technologies offers Brightmetrics so you can dig deep into the data and make the best possible decisions for your organization. Their three product offerings include:

Brightmetrics UC Analytics™

Brightmetrics UC Analytics is not just another reporting tool. UC Analytics makes it easy to view the vast amount of data Mitel collects so you can analyze the customer experience, their satisfaction, your staffing levels, and employee productivity. UC Analytics can help you understand the customer experience from start to finish so you can build and maintain strong relationships with the clients that matter most.

With UC Analytics, you’ll know if callers can reach the person they’re trying to call quickly and if they reach the person on the first try. You’ll also be able to identify unnecessary transfers, how long they’re put on hold, and how long callers are willing to wait.

Uncover Business Intelligence with Brightmetrics

Having the right data is invaluable to making your phone system a strategic asset for your business. With Brightmetrics’ Analytics tools, you can easily tap into a vast amount of data that your phone system collects and use that data to gain insights on how to improve and refine the customer experience. Here are just a few examples of the Business Intelligence that Brightmetrics can deliver for your business:

  • Full breadth of data to make informed business decisions
  • Understand your customer’s journey and experience with in-depth insights
  • Measure employee productivity to optimize the efficiency of your company
  • Expedite employee training by establishing simpler processes
  • Find opportunities to integrate AI technology for call routing and customer service

Brightmetrics Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) Analytics™

Brightmetrics ECC Analytics is a tool designed for frustrated contact center managers who use Shoretel phone systems and the Enterprise Contact Center. Many of these managers know the importance of making data-driven decisions but are unable to do so due to the difficulty of analyzing insights. For this reason, Brightmetrics ECC was created as an add-on service so call centers could easily access the data they need to make informed decisions and improve the customer experience.

With Brightmetrics ECC Analytics, you can easily configure your dashboards with intuitive drag and drop tools to include all the data you need. And with automated share/distribution features, it’s easy to keep stakeholders at every level informed.

Brightmetrics Real Time™

All of the data collected by Brightmetrics is exceptionally up-to-date (at up to 1 hour old), but at times, you may want or need real-time data. That’s where Brightmetrics Real Time comes in. With live data visualizations that track the customer experience as it’s happening, Brightmetrics Real Time lets contact center managers meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

For example, Brightmetrics Real Time analytics can reveal:

  • The number of calls currently in the queue
  • The longest queue time of calls in the queue
  • The average wait time of calls in the queue
  • Agent status updates
  • Time in the current status
  • A breakdown of each agent’s daily timeline including everything they’ve done that day up to the current time
  • Time in trunk utilization
  • Amount of time in queue for each call

AI Call Routing and AI Customer Service

Efficiency and productivity are the essential keys to any well-managed business. With the rise of artificial intelligence, it’s wise for every business owner and manager to find opportunities to integrate AI into your everyday operations. We can help with that at High Country Workplace Technologies.

With advanced analytics tools like Brightmetrics, you can identify opportunities in your work processes and customer experiences that could be greatly benefited by AI integration. For instance, AI call routing can greatly expedite each customer’s experience with your company and allow them to get connected with the appropriate individuals much quicker. In addition, there are likely opportunities within your workflow to integrate AI customer service capabilities such as AI assistants or chatbots to deliver quick answers and offer customer support during off-hours.

If you want to make more informed, data-driven decisions for your business with Brightmetrics telephone analytics, contact us at High Country Workplace Technologies. We have been in the business for over 20 years and have worked with organizations from almost every industry. We’ll work with you to determine the best fit for your data and analytical needs.

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