Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

“No, You Can’t Do That”

Tired of hearing that? At High Country, we work with dozens of carriers and manufacturers. Our service technicians each have an average of 20 years of experience in communications technology. We’ve solved multi-layered communication challenges for hundreds of clients. And we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years. We’ll find the way with a custom solution designed specifically for your business.

Custom Solutions

A custom solution is any combination of the technologies and processes and outcomes that you need. Regardless of whether those solutions are across different platforms, carriers, manufacturers, software—it doesn’t matter. We are a small, nimble, flexible business, so we can engage that business requirement in the right technology.

Custom Solutions Case Studies

Radio Communications & Office Technology

An airport parking company needed a custom solution that would integrate the radio communications with the rest of the office technology. They needed to track their buses so the customers would know when the bus was going to arrive within a thirty-second time period. We implemented a solution provider that met their business requirements and then we provided the infrastructure and integration technology to make all their systems work together seamlessly. Problem solved.

WiFi in a Remote Area

The Lyndon B. Johnson National Park needed to connect nine buildings’ communications and technology. Similarly, Guadalupe National Park needed to tie the phone and Internet of five buildings together. Geographically, these are remote areas where there was no infrastructure (wiring) available. High Country identified the business requirements, found the right solution, and insured that it was installed to everyone’s satisfaction. Now they have an efficient exchange of data and phone calls regardless of which building the staff is in.

Haven’t Found A Solution Yet?

Well, now you have. We are experts at creating custom solutions, and we love a challenge. Contact High Country Workplace Technologies to discuss your communications dilemma. Our custom solution service is provided on an hourly basis or as part of an ongoing service agreement.