Smart Cameras

Smart Cameras

Innovative Security: Unveiling Cisco Meraki’s MV Cloud Managed Smart Cameras.

Cisco Meraki has introduced the second generation MV Series of Cloud Managed Smart Cameras. With refined processes and cutting-edge technology, Cisco Meraki is right now changing the playing field for security cameras.

Introducing MV Smart Camera

The new cloud managed smart cameras bring together the world of traditional security cameras and innovative smart technology, relying on the same kind of processor that powers today’s smartphone. The minimalist design eliminates complicated physical infrastructure and limitations on scalability. Powered by complex and forward-thinking software, your security system goes beyond collecting footage to provide actionable business intelligence that can inform your operations.

An Overview: Cloud Managed Smart Cameras

Cisco Meraki has made a handful of strategic changes that make the MV Smart Camera the only solution one might consider when looking for security camera systems for their small of medium sized Colorado business..

  • Storage – footage is collected and stored locally, eliminating the network video recorder (NVR) altogether.
  • Security – the lack of NVR not only makes installation and scaling much less complex, but it also eliminates points of weakness in the network security of the IT infrastructure.
  • Advanced Features – the smart camera is equipped with a variety of features that allow for offline device alerts, LLDP insights, and remote troubleshooting.
  • Cloud-Based – the camera is managed through the Meraki dashboard, reducing overhead costs associated with hardware and software requirements.
  • Built-In Analytics – smart technology means that complex hardware and software aren’t required to gather real-time insights.

All of these features may seem like simple perks. In reality, the MV Smart Camera lays the foundation for more effective and efficient processes across the board.

The Architecture

One of the key elements that makes the MV Smart Camera such a cutting-edge innovation is the physical architecture of the camera itself. It is designed with not only local storage capabilities, but also cloud-augmented edge storage. The connectivity of this camera system is unprecedented on the market and adds certain value to the business.

The combination of local and cloud storage means that scaling at any point in the lifecycle is a simple, easy process. Storage expands with your system because each camera added to the overall structure comes with its own local storage capabilities. The MV Smart Camera truly grows with your business.

Maximizing Data Storage

Storage is only as good as the related ability to filter data. What good is having all of the video footage at your fingertips if it takes countless hours to sort through it all? The MV Smart Camera utilizes motion data analysis to do some of the heavy lifting for your security team. All video retention can be customized based on precedents set by your team so that you have the information that is most important to your business.

You can determine the video bit rate and frame rate to precisely dictate the storage length and image quality of all the data retained by your smart camera. The most recent 72 hours is stored locally and then intelligently trimmed to eliminate film with no motion for long-term storage.

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