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Optimize Guest Relations: Unveil the Power of High Country Hotel Phone Systems.

Hotel Phone Systems

In a hospitality setting, the ability to communicate with guests and employees is essential to providing the optimal experience. This is why High Country has specialized in solutions that are designed specifically for the hospitality and hotel industry. Excellent hotel phone systems are key to the customer experience.

Hotel Phone Systems Provide Exceptional Guest Services

Having an excellent communication solution in place helps you provide the best service for your guests. Not only will you have all the information you need to ensure genuine and personalized guest communications but you also can efficiently address any guest issues or requests that may arise during their stay.

The easy-to-use interfaces of our hotel phone systems and hospitality communication solutions allow you to streamline all of your guest relations. From check-in to wake-up calls, High Country can provide you with a solution that provides efficient management, all while maintaining the personal touch associated with your brand.

Increase Operational Efficiency With Hospitality-Centric Solutions

Guest check in with hotel phone systems

With our hotel phone systems, your staff can increase their operational efficiency. Web-based software makes our technology options compatible with any operating system so implementation is fast and effective.

Hotel phone systems’ unified messaging and console options keep all of your employees up-to-date with all relevant guest activity. Room changes, check-outs and other internal operations are easily accessed. Our hotel phone systems and hospitality communications solutions allow you to streamline your reservations and billing processes for maximum efficiency.

Hotel Phone Systems Help Maximize Revenue

Effective and efficient operations allows your guests to enjoy an exemplary experience. In a time when guests have more say than ever, guest experience is vital to the continued success of your business. With our hospitality communications solutions, hotel phone systems, hotel pbx systems, and VoIP hotel phone systems you will increase your operational efficiency and provide positive and memorable guest experiences, allowing you to maintain and improve your public perception and reputation. With these hospitality-centric solutions, you will ultimately be increasing your overall revenue.

Mitel Hospitality – By MiVoice Business

If you need a complete business communication platform that provides voice, messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration, and more in a single solution, MiVoice Business is one of the most reliable options on the market. This system can accommodate hospitality businesses of all sizes from 5 to 65,000 employees and it is built for success with a variety of embedded features that are compatible with a wide range of devices.

MiVoice Business is easy to implement and manage with web-based control capabilities. It comes with features like Hot Desking, which allows your business calls to be forwarded to any active device so you can always be reached at your office extension, even if you’re not at your desk. With MiVoice Business, you can also take advantage of the Dynamic Extension feature to effectively collapse all of your devices into a single number for maximum mobility and Unified Messaging to integrate all your messages so they can be accessed anywhere.

DuVoice and Mitel Hotel Phone Systems/PBX

Our High Country hospitality communicatiom specialists will help you determine if the Mitel hotel phone systems or DuVoice hospitality solutions are the right option for streamlining your business efforts. Contact us today to learn how our communication and collaboration solutions can help you achieve your business goals.

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