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business email

Business Email

Empower Your Business with Seamless Email Integration and Unified Communications Solutions from High Country.

Premium Business Email Solutions

Your email is more often than not the most visible part of the IT service in your company. When email goes down, you hear about it quickly and loudly. Email is just one part of your overall unified communications system, and High Country is your expert source for integrating your email with everything else you’re doing in your office. Our business email solutions help your organization operate more efficiently and communicate more effectively, all the while having 24/7 support in the background.

Our Business Email Solutions

No matter what business email solutions appeal to your company—Google Mail, Office 365®, premise-based, Exchange, POP, or IMAP platforms—we can integrate it with the other communications technologies you use, such as your business phone system or your video and voice conferencing platform, so the user has a more efficient workflow that isn’t bogged down by incompatible integrations.

Servers, Desktops, and Networks

Business email

To get your unified communication system to operate at its peak, we will look at your email, servers, desktops and networks. We provide complete, integrated communication systems, so we can set up your business email solutions from scratch or simply make your current email system more efficient. Whether you want your voicemails translated into text and sent to your email or your email is too slow because your network is sluggish, we can help you solve those issues and increase your organizations overall productivity. Our solutions work in a traditional client-server or terminal services environment, meaning operation and maintenance is simple.

Cloud & Virtualization

High Country can work with any server configuration. Any solution that we apply lends itself to either being virtualized onsite or in the cloud, so your business email solutions and unified communications operation can be configured to be easily compatible with your current operating system.

If you are considering moving any of your IT operations, such as your business email solutions, to the Cloud, there are a number of issues to consider including strategy, budgeting, logistics, security. Our IT specialist help you to review the right questions so you can make an informed decision on the best solution for your workplace.

Private Cloud Email Service

A vital factor for many businesses considering new or updated business email solutions is the security. We can create a private cloud for you by obtaining rack space at a data center or utilizing their virtualized server platforms. Either way, you get secure email service that will prevent digital compromise.

Cloud Service Providers

At High Country, we specialize in unified communications in the cloud. We can configure your business email solutions to be compatible with any cloud service provider (such as Amazon, Centurylink, Mitel, Comcast, and Vonage. Even better, we can guide you through the decision-making process to determine which will best fit your business requirements and your budget.

Understanding Your System Endpoint

When your computer hardware is on a TCP/IP network, you need a unified communications expert who has a deep understanding of endpoint technology and can configure your business email solutions properly. Our experts have decades of experience and are intimately familiar with endpoint technology. The endpoint technology options we offer include traditional PC, thin client/terminal services client, tablet, smartphone, smart device (bar code scanner), and desktop phone. If you are not sure which endpoint makes the most sense for your business operation, we can help you determine the best fit.

Server Technology

High Country can help with your server technology whether your business email solutions require a traditional server on-premise, virtualized server on-site, traditional or virtualized server in data center (private cloud), or a server in the cloud.

Our team can help your organization determine which mix of endpoint and server technology will work for your business email solutions and the unified communications systems you have in place.

At High Country, our goal is to get the right information to the right device at the right time at the right cost to meet the right technology requirements. We’ve been doing this for thirty years and have the skill and knowledge to deliver smart solutions and meticulous service. Contact High Country today to discuss your needs for business email solutions

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