Phone & Internet

Internet and Phone

Ethernet Networks (WAN), Voice (T1 or SIP Trunking) or Phone Services

Your business communication technology needs to do three things well:

  • Communicate with the outside world
  • Access the Internet
  • Store and share applications and data on an efficient, secure, and reliable basis

High Country is an agent for a host of solution providers who help you do those three things. We don’t lead with one carrier solution; we let your business requirements dictate which carrier will be best for your needs. We have the expertise to listen to what you have and what you need and to determine which carrier is the best choice for each of those three areas for your business. Contact us to discuss your business requirements.


To communicate with your suppliers and customers, you’re going to need a reliable phone service. Whether your phone service is through Airespring, Centurylink, Charter, Comcast, Level3, MetTel, Verizon, Windstream or XO Communications, you want it to be reliable. High Country can help you decide which carrier will work best for your needs.


You could have Comcast, Centurylink, ElectricLightwave, Level3, Verizon, Windstream or XO Communications (or another carrier) providing your business with access to the Internet. You may have Ethernet or fiber. High Country can assess if the cabling is the right type and size, if the speed is right for your needs, and if you’re paying too much for it. We can help you achieve seamless integration between your current Internet carrier and your phone carrier. We have long time relationships with all the Internet providers and can right size a solution for you.

Applications and Data

Your employees need to access information where and when they need it. Whether it lives onsite or in the cloud, they need to have reliable access to it. There are a dozen carriers that help with applications and data needs, and we are experts in all of them. We’re happy to work with an existing carrier or help you find one that’s right for your applications and data needs.


If you have an office in a remote location that doesn’t have access to high bandwidth, we can install software defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) to increase their bandwidth and provide better, faster voice and Internet connections.

We are proud to partner with Starlink for Managed Connectivity Services, including SD-WAN. This satellite-based internet services promises high-speed, low-latency internet access to remote and rural areas. If you are looking for a reliable, scalable, and innovative SD-WAN internet service, Starlink may be the right option for you. Get started with Managed Connectivity via Starlink and High Country Workplace Technologies today.

High Country can work with any combination of carriers, software, and hardware you need to get the reliable service you need at the right price. It doesn’t cost you anything to consult with High Country and use our expertise. We’re compensated by the carriers, so contact us to discuss your phone and Internet needs.