Integrated Services

Integrated Services

Your communications should be fully integrated with your business processes, so your employees are more productive, your customers are happier, and you increase your firm’s overall efficiency.

Your communications should be fully integrated with your business processes, so your employees are more productive, your customers are happier, and you increase your firm’s overall efficiency. When everything is integrated correctly, it improves your daily operations and your customer’s experience exponentially. When it’s not, it monopolizes way too much of your time and attention. High Country has been helping businesses get a better return on their communications technology investment for over 30 years. We can help you find the exact right integrated communication solution for your business.

Free Office Technology Review

High Country can perform a review of your office technology solutions and provide a prioritized list of the office technology solutions that will increase the effectiveness of your business operations. All services are provided on an hourly basis or as part of an ongoing service agreement.

  1. We audit your office’s current communication technology.
  2. We listen to your business and technology requirements.
  3. We prioritize which office technology solutions will help your enterprise.
  4. We engage other technology providers to ensure every solution is integrated and installed correctly.

Contact us to schedule your free office technology audit.

Integrate with Your CRM

When you get hundreds of thousands of calls a day we can analyze where the calls are coming from, the call duration, the phone number and location of the caller. We can integrate this information with your CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics, etc.) so you have actionable data at your fingertips.

Business Operations

Whether you are looking for unified communications, collaboration, CRM integrations or just ways to streamline any of your business communication functions, we have solutions for you. We are “carrier agnostic” so we don’t have any particular vendor we’re trying to sell you. We want the solution that is right for you.

Remote Operations

When you have a multi-site business with remote and/or small satellite operations, you need a whole different set of technology solutions. And you need a company that understands these unique communications challenges. High Country has 30 years of experience connecting satellite businesses to the headquarters location at a minimum cost. We can configure your sites to work autonomously or in network with the home office.

Multi-Location Operations

Multi-location operations have unique communication needs. You want some locations to have access to files that other locations cannot have access to. Perhaps one office needs video collaboration, and another doesn’t. Each location must be autonomous but still networked with all the other locations. We can solve your multi-location communication challenges with a streamlined solution that’s right for your business requirements.

Institutional Operations

High Country Workplace Technologies works with government agencies such as the National Parks Service, the Environmental Protection agency as well as local municipalities like the City of Cheyenne and the City and County of Broomfield. We also regularly work with school districts and universities, so we know the ins and outs of the processes and budget hurdles that need to be addressed in working with institutions. We can help your institution implement a secure communications system that fits all your institutional requirements.

Custom Solutions

When everyone else has told you that it can’t be done, we will tell you that it can. We have worked with what was formerly called impossible and made it happen by creating a custom solution. We are able to do what other companies can’t because we work with dozens of carriers, providers, and manufacturers. We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, and our toolbox is just bigger than theirs. Contact High Country to solve your most vexing communications problems. We love a challenge.