High Country Workplace Technologies is proud to introduce our latest partnership with Konftel, the industry’s premier provider of collaboration endpoint solutions.

In 1988, a Swedish bank manager was fed up with the poor quality of his conference phones when hosting meetings. He reached out to electrical engineer, Peter Renkel, to see what he could come up with. Renkel collaborated with another engineer, John-Erik Eriksson, and they rebuilt the idea of a conference phone system from the ground up. At the time, there was no dedicated conference phone on the market, so with this innovative piece of technology, Konftel was born.

The Mission Of Konftel

First and foremost, Konftel’s number one goal was to produce voice and video conferencing solutions that enables high-quality sound transmission, no matter where in the world meeting participants might be.

Moreover, Konftel was passionate about creating a sustainable solution that was conscious of the environmental impact it had on the world at large. After participating in the Eco Design Project, initiated by the Foundation for Swedish Industrial Design in 1998, Konftel recognized the key areas for improvement within their solutions. From raw materials to final disposal, Konftel has the processes and procedures in place to ensure that the carbon footprint is minimized without compromising the quality of the technology itself. When using Konftel’s collaboration solutions, businesses can host more climate-smart meetings.

Konftel Solutions

Konftel offers two key solutions for businesses looking to enhance their voice and video conference experience.

Voice Conferencing

Having introduced the original conference phone to the market, Konftel is truly a leader in endpoint collaboration. With voice conferencing platforms that accommodate anywhere from 6 to 20+ meeting attendees with unparalleled quality, there’s something for every business from Konftel.

The Voice Conferencing solutions from Konftel also feature a wide variety of connectivity options, including wireless, SIP, analog, 3G, Bluetooth, and USB. No matter how your organization get’s online, your conference phone system will seamlessly transition into your operation.

Video Conferencing

Konftel’s video conferencing solutions are all connected through a state-of-the-art hub – the Konftel OCC Hub – which connects everything through a single cord. Using a simple USB 3.0 cable, you can connect video, voice, and screens to 20+ meeting participants for a seamless conference experience.

Konftel’s video solutions also feature multiple camera options to support the needs of your business. Need a wider field of view? No problem. Looking for 4K resolution in a narrower room? Konftel’s got you covered.

Better yet, Konftel has designed a video conferencing solution that is compatible with whatever apps you may be using already. Integrating with applications like Skype, Slak, GoToMeeting, Teams, Zoom, Hangouts, and more, you can enhance the conferencing experience without having to change your routine.

Streamline Voice And Video Conferencing With Konftel

Konftel has worked tirelessly over the last 30 years to deliver a solution that support the needs of businesses no matter where they are in the world. With the voice and video conferencing solutions offered by Konftel, you can hear and be heard effortlessly, making your meeting time more effective and efficient.

If you’re ready to upgrade your voice and video conferencing, contact HCWT today to learn more about Konftel solutions.