6 Benefits of Business Fiber Optic Internet in Denver

6 Benefits of Business Fiber Optic Internet in Denver

In today’s hyper-connected world, reliable internet is incredibly important. Although relatively new, business fiber optic internet is becoming an increasingly popular option for Denver-area offices. If you’re currently using broadband or copper cable for your internet, your business could benefit greatly by switching to fiber optic internet. This internet package has plenty of unique advantages over traditional options. Let’s examine the top seven reasons to consider making the switch to fiber optic internet.

1. Faster speed

Fiber optic internet is much faster than even the highest-speed broadband or copper internet connections. With options ranging from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps, fiber optic internet makes file uploads and downloads and video conferencing much faster and more reliable.

It’s estimated that slow internet connections account for a loss of one week per year of productivity. That’s an awful lot of time! With fiber optic internet, your employees won’t have to wait on lagging internet connections and can gain that week back.

2. Stronger signal strength

If your business is using DSL or ethernet, you’ve probably noticed how signal strength degrades the further you are from the modem. With fiber optic internet, that distance is no longer an issue. You’ll be able to host video conferences from any corner of the office. If your business operates in a large office space, switching could be especially beneficial for you and your employees.

3. Increased security

Cybersecurity is one of the most concerning issues for businesses, outranking medical cost inflation, employee benefits costs, and employee acquisition and retention. And after a 300% increase in small business cyber attacks since 2015, it’s no wonder why.

Hackers are easily able to tap into copper internet cables and access private information, which can be extremely costly for your business. But with fiber optic internet, the only way hackers can access your information is by physically cutting the fibers, which will drop the signal. It’s a much better option to protect your business from security breaches.

4. More bandwidth

If your business deals with data transmission, it doesn’t take much to hit the cap with cable internet bandwidth. Although not technically unlimited, fiber optic bandwidth is significantly higher than traditional internet options and it doesn’t decrease when high demands are put on the network.

5. Easier Cloud access

Between customer relationship management (CRM) tools and data storage software, the cloud has become incredibly important for businesses. As of 2020, it’s estimated that 94% of organizations use cloud services in some capacity. With increased speed and more bandwidth from fiber optic internet, your employees can more easily access apps and SaaS tools stored in the cloud.

6. Cost-savings

Since its inception, the cost of fiber optic internet has significantly decreased. Although fiber optic internet often has upfront installation costs that can seem expensive, it’s actually already become more affordable than the alternatives in many cases.

By switching to fiber optics, your SaaS, cloud storage, and VoIP all gain better support. This enhanced support will lead to long-term cost savings and scalability.

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It’s easy to see why business fiber optic internet is the top choice for Denver-area offices. If you’re ready to make the switch, reach out to us at High Country Workplace Technologies. We are your number one source for workplace internet solutions.

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